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After colossal performances in Donje Brijanje,Prnjavor,Žminj and many other important places in Balkan,chaotic cabaret is finally coming to Cufus.Cabaret,basically represents,which irresistibly resembles a night in circus,only this time it is of an exterior character.The performance of classic circus acts on a way that doesnt resemble the traditional way but it is still domestic,world but ours.Provocation,masculine improvisation and characteristic chaos with

caricature,dressage,pedicure,and manipulation... we guarantee something for every taste.


Performers: various Cirkobalkan professionals

CirkoBalkana Caos Cabaret (Balkan and more)

Irrwisch demonstrates his devoted love for telling tales using techinques of spectacular acrobatics combined with witty poetry and gorgeous clown sillyness.

They are drifters. Always on the move and never at home - and they look like one.

Skippers, storytellers, acrobats, drummers, singers, ... but not just that, theres more than that to this.. More about the things in between - between the tricks. between the performers and people, between the lines because the thing that is really important is not what you do but HOW you do it. Irrwisch combines physical theatre, theatre and crazy sense of humor to present a funny and intelligent performance.

Irrwisch teatar - Mud Jumping (Beč, Austrija)

EIA -  Espera (Spain)

The passing of time is the only thing awaiting us.Nature dies and is born with the coming of seasons,and we live on the equal way.The world is composed of tiny stories,scenes of life that will never be repeated on the same way ever again.By living trough the stories of other people,our time stops,or at least slows down.The holy ceremony of all people - personal story of our life becomes subtle and filled with understanding and love.Stories written in the forest of flying bodies and minds,the balance becomes unstable so that it will allow time to pass...

cia vaques - Ye ORBAYU (Spain)

Rural trash circus show..

A duo of old fashioned clowns are trying to seduce,and be seduced,by balancing  without traps on tables,chairs,and champagne bottles...

Rogor cirkus - SOMIRU (Ljubljana, Slovenija)

SoMiRu, presents a new type of circus where innovation and experimentation combines movement on the ground and in the air with music through the story of the main character.

SoMiRu, by traveling the world and discovering things and sound, gently touching, communicating and always learning, and always advancing.

His way is our way - Were born into this world, we meet many beings experience many different things, sing and dance through life creating memories...



Dana Auguštin(choreography,movement on the ground and in the air,voice)

Tierno Diallo(contrabass,electric bass,vocal)

a five minute show on a static trapeze

Julia Farrero - 5 minutes (Spain)

Jeanne and john are on vacation, but for a circus artist that doesnt mean sand and beaches: on vacation a new audience is met.

They will bring you with them to their adventurous vacation through acrobatics and music.

You will enjoy your laughter even if everything doesnt go according to plan..

La belle Apocalypse -

Once Twice (France)

ElCric (Croatia)

The protagonists of this performance are trying to tell each their own story, but their egomania does not let them. They are going with conflicts and competing of their own characteristics and abilities to see who is better, only to realize in the end that only together they can give it their all.

Klupko - Ripcord (work in progress)

In the memory of our bodily stations the complete history of our existence is written. Bodily, Emotional and spiritual information that come from a lifetime of experience, genetic inheritance and our ancestors.

When imagination and reality mix

Its impossible to tell what is what is mine and what is ours.

Clown show with toys!


Arist:Stefano D’argenio

Cía Donna Filomena - Mine (Spain)

Razbibriga- Show iznenađenja (Samobor)

Exactly at noon we will suprise you, and maybe ourselves-

with the show of suprises!



Milica is a clown show about a woman who wherever she is she feels like she’s at home.

Cufus is one of her stations on the way around the world.

There she will raise her tent, park the house that she carries in her bag and share with you her unusual colorful everyday life


Clown:Petra bokić

a show for those who are growing and those who have grown but still bloom every spring

Milica (Zagreb, Croatia)

Bohoc - Brigad (Hungary)

Bohoc brigad calls children to a quick journey to the world of fairy tales.

In the mini theater they can find out interesting and exciting details of fairy tales in just 6-7 minutes. Every tale leads you to a different country depending on your choice, learn, have fun through education and humor.

All you need is a ticket, which you get upon entering the mini-theater. put the ticket in the box, get seated comfortably and enjoy the magical journey.

Three, four or 5 people can travel at the same time :)

mađioničar rico

The oldest active magician in Croatia.

Tricks with cards,disappearing,appearing,creating,and god knows what else.

There will also be magic fire,teleportation,and things alike...

Antuntun - Oda Ludosti (Zagreb, Croatia)

A middle aged show performed by count Motika and his loyal servant Mudek.

Count Motika,failed nobelty and his loyal servant Mudek in a juggler duet evoke there performances by the example of middle aged fairs..with authentic gear and costumes.

Cirkorama - ReciKlauniranje (Zagreb)

Recycled clown enters the world of garbage and creates a circus out of it...

His gear are your everyday but their problem...


Costumed,choreographed,interactive show for kids and young people.

A clown tells a story of his lost circus filled with jugglers and clowns and other circus characters.

About circus where laughter,dancing,escapade,and craziness a normal thing!


Performers:artists from circus collaborations Antuntun and Razbibriga.

Will the clown find his circus?Come and find out!

Šareni svijet

Greetings from the colorful world - cheerful stories from the winter to the summer!

We always cheer up everyone in kindergardens, schools, and all handy places where there are playful kids and that theyre enjoying themselves with a cow, a pig or lets say a rabbit!


All stories are filled with with songs, handy scenography and costumes and there is always, youre guessing it.. RYHME!!Of course they’re interactive with  pretty messages and children will,with joyful characters,be happy which i will definetely not hide from you!

Considering that we have been playing with kids a lot we have always given each other a lot of pleasure and joy!

Artomobil - Prvo more (Zagreb, Croatia)

A show for kids from 3 to 10 years,of the artistic organisation ARTOMOBIL

Through series of funny and astounding views,shows speaks of  two girl friends,painter and an opera singer who are traveling to the sea,while not going farther than the attic.

The magic of constant play is built by sounds,music,pictures,movements,mime and geg.

This is a story of how the line sings,what color is the sound,and how the movement is voiced.

This is a story of everyday and relations that vary from love and understanding,over cooperation,to confrotation and back.



Live Fountain (Istra, Croatia)

This is the magic fountain that is decorated by a live statue of the  godess Venus.

Come and enjoy the dance of music,water,light and movement, and dont forget to make a wish and toss a coin into her crystal lake!

Irrwisch teatar - Gosti s ceste ( Austria)

“Guests from the road'' became a classic plant and act on the streets and in towns, town events, theaters and festivals of comedy in europe(elsewhere). Wherever they show up. For crazy figures on stilts with tails the crowd is full of enthusiasm! They dont talk, but communicate a lot. They always find something new and are happy from every reaction . They are artists on stilts and 

and poets in their souls.

They are unstoppable - they will climb up the balcony, trade a bike for a piece of furniture, steal a bus!.

Everything that they take they return.. usually to some other person, and they enjoy doing that. In all that chaos that they create - the sweetest is the one from when the fear of chaos starts - your reaction is their goal!

Martiniuss - Štulocikl (Istra, Croatia)

Stiltbike sound system

Put on your dance shoes and prepare yourselves because the biggest DeeJay of all time

is coming on the famous Stiltbike!

Cía Donna Filomena - Familia de Lux (Spain)

The man-lamp is going through city.

A surreal picture with an oldfashioned flair

Sav program na festivalu je besplatan, uz "obaveznu" donaciju u šešir

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